Ruffle it up

Happy Monday y’all ❤ Ruffled dresses/sleeves are something that I’m absolutely obsessing over from the past few months. I’m not really picky while shopping but when I do get picky there is NO end to it 🙈 Ruffled dress is a statement making attire. Makes you look all ready for a glam night and I […]

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The Classic LBD

Hello guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙌 Last week was one of the most productive weeks I’ve had so far since I started my blog and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve always been the kind of a person who had no self confidence and always underestimated myself but blogging has […]

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Much Love

Happy Saturday 💕 My first ever collaboration was with an emerging fashion brand called ‘Much Love’ by Sujitha 🙌 As it’s just been about 4 months since I started blogging I was super excited as well as nervous to be a muse for ‘Much Love’ 👊 The collection of Much Love will fit right into […]

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Orange is the new black

Hi guysss 🙌 I hope you’re all doing fine ☺ I’m sorry that I’ve been pretty inactive with my blog posts 🙈 But now you’ll see a lot of posts coming your way 🍓 I’ve always adored and loved the colour orange as I find it to be a soothing and statement making colour ✔ […]

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Say yes to slits

Hi guys 💗 So I get hyper active during summer hence the frequent blog posts 😛 I have a very feminine approach or style of dressing. I love pinks, reds, burst of colours, dresses, skirts, be it whatever. I love giving any outfit of mine a girly touch to it 🙈 Because I personally think […]

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