Indian at heart?

Hello people ❀ I promised myself that I’ll be posting for three consecutive days on my blog and this is the second in the series! I was actually about to just take a nap and bail out on putting up this post tonight but then I just thought to myself why do I keep procastinating? […]

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Street style

Happy Friday Y’all πŸ’— I hope you had a productive week and are looking forward to have fun or relax over this weekend πŸ’ƒ I can’t believe it’s June ALREADY! Don’t you think these 6 months passed by very quickly? I have my exams coming up this month and I hate the exams around the […]

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The Peach Affair

Hello people πŸ’• I think I’m facing mid week blues way too early this week since it’s just Tuesday today πŸ˜‚ I usually stick to dark colours and don’t really experiment enough with bright or subtle Colors but summer calls for all things bright and subtle don’t you think? I love how peach coloured clothes […]

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Overrated or Misunderstood?

Happy Sunday y’all πŸ’— I hope each one of you had a great weekend πŸ™Œ My weekend was whatever types as I was down with fever so couldn’t really do much. This post was supposed to be up in the morning but I wanted to do something different this time and hopefully I’ll be doing […]

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Summer state of mind

Happy Sunday guys πŸ’• Well the heat in Bangalore is just getting to me. It’s scroching hot during the day and it gets unbearable at times. The nights are relatively cooler thanks to the rain but I really don’t think it’s much of help. Moving on from the weather topic πŸ˜‚ Summer calls for all […]

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