Chasing Dreams x Just Embellish

Hey guys ❤

I hope you’re all doing well and having a great Saturday 🙌


It feels like it’s been ages since I posted on my blog! I had my exams going on which kept me really busy and frustrated 😂 Now that I’m almost done with them getting back to posting regularly on my blog and honestly I’ve fallen in love with blogging as I can rant about things that I find interesting and it’s a great stress buster 🙋

I have a line of posts coming up for you. Stay tuned 🌼

The last shoot I did right before my exams was in collaboration with a Jewellery line called Just Embellish by my friend Mansi. Her jewellery and accessories are so chic, beautiful and refreshing. You’ll want to own all of them 💫

You HAVE to check out her body chain collection 😍

We decided to go for a Bohemian theme as the jewelleries have an authentic boho vibe 🍃



You can not only buy these jewellery pieces from her shop but you can also rent too! ❤

I’ve decided to post for three consecutive days so see y’all tomorrow with another post 🙏

Photography- Jayanth

Jewellery- Just Embellish

Lots of Love,

Pravalika ❤



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