Overrated or Misunderstood?

Happy Sunday y’all 💗


I hope each one of you had a great weekend 🙌 My weekend was whatever types as I was down with fever so couldn’t really do much.

This post was supposed to be up in the morning but I wanted to do something different this time and hopefully I’ll be doing it more often because as much as I like sharing my ideas and views on fashion, food, etc I love ranting about a lot of things and to my surprise they do make sense at times 😂



Well we’ve all heard this qoute ‘Happiness is your choice’ a billion times I’m pretty sure. Be it from your family or friends this is the first thing they would say to cheer you up when you’re feeling low. And I really don’t blame them as I would actually do the same 💃

But have you ever taken it seriously? Do you believe that your happiness is truly your choice and doesn’t depend on other people?

I strongly believe that happiness is an inside job it completely depends on YOU and nobody else. Why let other people take control of how you feel? 👊 Happiness is not just a state of mind it’s a clear cut choice. I’m sure each one of us have experienced crappy situations in life that we thought were the absolute worst and couldn’t really be happy anymore but is it true? Not at all. 🙌


Happiness doesn’t depend on situations, circumstances and PEOPLE. It only depends on you.

So choose to be happy. Look at the brighter side and feel blessed as things could be worse for you. Having a positive outlook can literally change your life. Trust me 🌠


I’m in love with this boho chic like top I found in my mom’s wardrobe YES my mom’s 😎 She has a knack for fashion don’t you think? I think it’s absolutely perfect for summers since it’s super comfortable, it’s full sleeves to avoid all the tan and super chic  🌼


I had an absolute blast shooting with Anjali. I love how she managed to capture me 💕

Have a look at her page – https://www.instagram.com/bingo_anjali/ 👊

Lots of Love,

Pravalika ❤

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