Summer is here

Hi guys ❤

Hope y’all are doing fine ☺ Well It’s officially summer and I can’t be happier about it 😀 Though the heat is unbearable at times it’s my favourite season and I’m sure many of y’all agree with me 🙈 I think it’s the easiest time to dress up. I usually don’t prefer wearing bright colours, but you’re going to see a lot of colourful posts coming your way 💌

I love the colour yellow and the various shades of it. But I personally don’t own a lot of yellow coloured clothes or accessories because I think it’s not my colour ✔

I ended up picking out this super comfortable yellow dress a while ago to step out of my comfort zone and I finally decided to blog about it. I love how the various shades of the dress compliment eachother ☺


Dress- Brigade road

Shoes- Street Style Store


Lots of Love,

Pravalika ❤

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