Hi guys ❤

There’s usually an unsaid notion about what kind of clothes are supposed to be worn/ appropriate for certain circumstances or events be it for a party, a brunch, a date, etc because there is no end to this list frankly ✔

It is necessary to dress according to the event you’re going to but don’t y’all want to be a little rebellious at times? And try doing something different by wearing clothes that you WANT to wear not just because you’re supposed to wear because it’s perfect for the occasion? Well I honestly feel that quite often to be honest 😂

No matter how much we deny the fact that we don’t live and dress up for the society we are GUILTY of doing this every now and then 🙈 Well this International Women’s Day I took a resolution to listen to what my heart says and care less about what my neighbours would probably think or talk about me and I urge all of you to make little changes in your lifestyle too 🌼

Baby steps? Yes, but it’s the effort and thought that matters ❤


Top- United Colours of Benetton

Shorts- Tibetan Plaza

Be carefree and spread some love 🍭

Lots of Love,

Pravalika ❤


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