Happy Hours

Hi guys 💗

It’s been quite sometime since I reviewed a restaurant or posted anything  regarding it so here it goes 😀

I’ll do it more often as I promised myself that my blog wasn’t going to be a main stream fashion or lifestyle blog and since I’m a HUGE HUGE foodie I would love to talk to you guys and let you know about my favourite places in town 🙈

Happy Hours is something that still excites me or draws my attention when I go to a restaurant and when I’m in a mood to have a drink or two or get completely sloshed and I’m sure many of you would agree with me 😂 But it’s necessary to find a restaurant or most likely a pub that serves excellent food and alcohol at good prices👯

My top three picks for Happy Hours are

1. The Local- Terrace Drinkery


This pub serving some amazing Continental and American cuisine is located in Kormangala and is definitely a place I would love visiting again and again both for it’s food and amazing happy hours offers on drinks 👯 It’s a very beautiful rooftop restaurant which will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket and I really suggest this place because I really liked the ambience, service and the cheque that was pocket friendly 💯

2. House of Commons


This Pub located off Brigade is my go to place when me and my friends are in the mood of getting drunk. As it’s in brigade it’s conveniently located in the heart of the city, getting back home after won’t be much of a problem 👯I love their minimilast bar set up and it’s pretty spacious as it actually infact consists of three floors YES 😀 An underground level, the ground floor and the first floor ✔ Well to be honest I would give a 3/5 for the food as it isn’t that great but pretty decent but the affordable prices of alcohol definitely compensate for it 🙈 And a special mention of the super friendly staff 😀 It’s a must try for all of you who just want to chill or catch up with your friends over a drink 🍷

3. Doffpub and Lounge


This pub is one of my personal favorites hands down 🙆 I LOVE everything about the place right from their beautiful rooftop ambience to some great food to their chill and casual staff to some good music and to top all of this their reasonable prices 👯 Their Happy Hour prices will just let you forget your count of alcohol 💯 Located on 100 feet Indiranagar it definitely has a lot of competitors but the place has a class of it’s own that distinguishes it from the rest. The drunk foosball games will make your day 🍭

Lot’s of Love,

Pravalika ❤


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