Less is more

Hi guys ❤

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

We often love keeping up with trends so that we don’t feel left out, get creative with our outfits, try to stand out by accessorizing, try to make a statement by dressing out of our comfort zone and this list just goes on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in doing the things I just mentioned but we fail to forget that comfort is the most essential factor of fashion. When you personally feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing you will definitely stand out and that’s what fashion is, being comfortable yet making a statement. I think that you look your absolute best when you’re happy and comfortable with what you’re wearing not when you try to fit in or please people around you. I’m guilty of doing this too but there’s nothing wrong in dressing up to look your best, all I’m saying is that don’t leave out those basic tees or a pair of your favourite jeans in your closet just because you think it’s not fancy. Try pairing the simplest clothes together you can also add in your favourite pair of heels or a bag to make it look even better because less is more 🙈

For this look I’ve paired my Favourite black top with my high waisted jeans and my Zara heels ofcourse.
Hope you all like this look ❤


Top – Tibetan Plaza

Jeans- Mumbai

Heels- Zara

Lot’s of Love,

Pravalika ❤


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