Bangalore Bucket-list (part 2)

So for the second part of  Bangalore Bucket-list I’m going to be giving a gist of all the happening pubs, nightlife, events and etc. As many of you are aware Bangalore has the most number of pubs in Asia. Yes you heard that right 😀 Something definitely to brag about 😛

1. Let’s start off in and around MG road. MG road and Brigade Road are usually super crowded because of the variety of street shopping and branded outlets present and the added advantage is there are so many pubs in and around that are worth going to – House of Commons, Plan B, Easy Tiger, Toast and Tonic, Kangaroo Bar and Kitchen, Hard Rock Cafe, Beer Republic, Hoppipola, Blue Frog, Citybar, and the list goes on 😀

2. Indiranagar is definitely a heaven for every pub hopper. From places like – Toit, Tipsybull bar exchange, Black Rabbit, Loft 38, Warehouse, Monkey Bar, Glocal Junction, Hangover, Puma Social Club, Harry’s Bar, Doffpub, Extreme Sports Bar are some of my favourite pubs and I’m sure none of these places will disappoint you. 🙂

3. The pubs in Bangalore host a huge variety of parties almost everyday of the week. So whether you want to party on a Monday or be it in the weekend it’s all covered. And Wednesdays are even more special because it’s Ladies Night in most of the pubs and it’s definitely worth getting out having fun and grooving to some fine tunes👯The most happening parties around the city are in Skyee Bar, Shiro, Sanchos, City bar, Sanctum, Sugar Factory, Indigo Live Music Bar, Loveshack to name a few 🙈

4. A huge variety of events are hosted in Bangalore like the Sunday Soul Sante, Kitsch Mandi, Comic-con, live gigs, stand up comedy shows, exhibitions and so much more pretty often. So make sure to visit these events if you’re in town around that time. It’s definitely worth your time 🙂

5. Bangalore has a zillion number of eateries and most of them are so unique in their own way that you’ll never fail to forget the place and the food 🙈 I’m a HUGE foodie as I’ve been to almost 65+ restaurants in Bangalore and I still have so many more to go. So you can imagine 😂

I’ll be covering some of my favourite restaurants later on the blog. Stay tuned 👯

Lots of Love,
Pravalika ❤

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