Bangalore Bucket-list (Part 1)

Hiii guys ❀

So a few of y’all wanted me to do a post on the different kind of fun activities, places you could go to and events worth attending in Bangalore. So I finally decided to do this but it’s going to be two successive posts as it’s too much to fit in for one blog post. Bangalore is my hometown and definitely my favourite city for various reasons and though I’ve literally spent my entire life here, there is always something to do or some place left to explore and that’s what’s most exciting about this place πŸ™ˆ

So for the first part of this post I’ll be covering the fun activities in and around the city πŸ‘―

1. Wonderla – When in Bangalore, Wonderla MUST be in your go to list. Wonderla is one of the leading amusement parks in the country and a perfect place for a fun weekend as it has it’s own resort too. It has a variety of land and water rides for literally all age groups. And the recent addition of the reverse roller coaster ride has doubled the fun πŸ™ˆ

2. SMAASH- Smaash is an indoor sport centre where you could have an absolute fun packed day. Smaash includes a huge variety of games varying from bowling, indoor cricket, virtual reality games like fly max, magic carpet, dodge ball, star wars temple run to trampoline and so many more πŸ˜€ To add to all this fun they have a restaurant of their own known as Mighty Small with a very nice menu of food and drinks. As one of my friend is a college ambassador for Smaash you can use his code – ‘MSRIT 0001’ where you can avail all the games for only for a price of β‚Ή499 except bowling and cricket. If you’re really keen on trying bowling and cricket the prices will probably come upto β‚Ή699 and this offer is ONLY valid for students 🍭

3. Lazer Tag- If you’re someone who loves playing video games especially shooting games or if you’re up for games that give you an aderanline rush Laser Tag is the game for you. There are quite some places in Bangalore for lazer tag but my favourite ones are Lazer Castle in Indiranagar and Lazer Tag Arena in HRBR layout.

4. Nandi Hills- Nandi Hills which is about 65kms from the heart of the city is popular for it’s beautiful scenic views. Discovery Village which is situated at the foot hills of Nandi is the perfect resort to stay in if you’re looking for a small adventurous getaway as they personally plan out activities like river rafting, rock climbing, cave exploration, rappelling, zorbing and various such activities to make your stay an experience you won’t forget πŸ™‚

5. Play Arena- Play Arena situated in Sarjapur Road is like the home to all sorts of adventurous games. Be it Skating, riddle room, Laser Tag, Paintball, Go karting, Bowling, etc. It’s an adventure paradise with more than 30 different activities. All these activities under one roof? Isn’t that convenient and fun at the same time.

Make sure to visit all these places to have fun πŸ™ˆ Β Part 2 will be up next which is my absolute favourite stay tuned πŸ’―

Lots of love,

Pravalika ❀

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