Snuggles <3

I have a love hate relationship with sweaters. I love them but on the other hand I’m not really fond of them. Yes that’s pretty weird 😛 But whether you love sweaters or hate them they are your life savers during winter 🙂 The winter in Bangalore this time is very on and off, there are times when it’s too cold and even wearing a sweater or enough layering falls short and there are times when the Sun is shining real bright. Winter isn’t my favourite season and hands down it’s definitely the laziest season, but that’s not an excuse to not dress up. So why not make winters a little stylish and not stick onto the monotonous way of dressing up? This time try pairing oversized sweaters with shorts, stockings, ripped jeans and try to get your hands on some really nice sweater dresses. They can keep you cozy and warm and still make you look Fab. I think it’s an effortless way to look amazing during winters ❤

For this post I’ve put together my All Time Favourite grey knit oversized sweater from Forever21 with beach shorts and white shoes from Street Style Store 🙂






Lots of Love,
Pravalika ❤


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