New Year Resolution turned into reality?

I’ve never been a believer of New Year resolutions all my life maybe because I never took any of them seriously 😛 But this year I promised myself that I would finally start a blog of my own after a huge dilemma. And I’m way more than glad that I’m Finally doing it 😛
So here’s my post for y’all 😀

This is my take on an edgy yet chicky date night outfit. Skater skirts have never failed to impress, it strikes a right balance between looking casual yet making a statement. Who isn’t fond of the colors Grey and Black? Teamed together they make a really good combination. Off shoulders are the talk of the town right now and I’m definitely obsessing over them. So I thought why not put both of them together and create a look that can’t possibly go wrong. Be it your first date, anniversary date, a birthday dinner or a night out with your girls pick out a nice off shoulder top and a skater skirt and team it up with yout favourite heels and you’re ready to go. 🙂








Top- Forever 21
Skirt- Forever 21
Heels- Zara

Lots of love,


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